After many years all that’s left with you will be a million memories of yesterday.

The struggle

In your pursuit of life, the worst of things may happen to you. The most unavoidable circumstances would you have to encounter and the deepest of ravines would you have to cross over, all on your own, but let your inner strenght take over, dominate your life, as thou its no mans business and beat life, because thats what you were born for…TO WIN..

The Greatest Impact

The greatest impact is when you want someone and no one is around to be with you. When you are walking a lonely road and find yourself all alone. When you call out and no one returns your call. But today is here, thats why its called a gift. Let not what the world does impact you. Make your impact on the world instead.

The Biggest Mystery of Life

The biggest mystery of life would never cease to be what it has been for centuries. You would never understand why you love someone and are not loved in return, and nor would you understand why all the affection that you give someone is ignored. It is also hard to understand that why despite the fact that life at times is shorter then the 12 hours on a clock face, LOVE IS STILL IGNORED