Someone once said…I WANT HAPPINESS….He was told.. Remove the “I ” because thats Ego, then remove… “WANT”…because thats desire… All that you would be left with now is happiness..


Hidden away

Hidden away within relams of yourself is the darker side of your existance. One you keep concealed and protected from the further bitterness of the world outside….Try to face your fears and battle on as many men have ,through the centuries…

Life is to short

Life is to short to look back at yesterday and cry for things that you cannot change today.Life is to uncertain to regret that you didnt smile at that person you may never see again.Life is to small to make those beautiful plans that may never see the dawn of day, in fact it is so limited, that you may not even have adequate time to read this entire message…but yes, its okay if you read the first line and understood that Life is indeed short, make the most of it…