Reaching out

Stage played every minute of our lives gives us all equal opportunities to reach out to the world around with a gesture to help ,support and assist..We all were made unique in different ways, which also means that not everyone has the joys and benefits that we are given.I call them, The Children of a Lesser God…When you were made, it was for a reason, a reason you need to identify today..

Cold Christmas

The weather was never really the reason.Snow flakes and misty weather add cheer to christmas.The cold winter chill and church bells ringing would always be the things you love about this part of the year…The smell of pine that fills the air would not escape you…But there are also those for who, bells dont ring and Santa doesnt visit..They are the lonely souls of christmas,those hurt, those broken, those alone, and those waiting for one helping hand from you…Christmas in the end is about giving..


An everyday happening, much of which we ignore, especially when we are the cause of it… Seldom do we stop to think about our words or actions that could hurt others to an extent that would cause unrepairable damage…We have to admit one fact about ourselves, we are selfish. We are selfish to the point where we just dont care about anything, apart from ourselves….We could change everything, with a little care…