When Hurt really hurts

Just another passing phase of life, we all live through.,We always love those who hate us, hate those who love us, avoid those who search for us and show concern for those who dont have any heart for us,Hurt really hurts us when we realize this in the end…

Paths of time

Through paths we take every day, with every step, its a simple learning process is what takes place in our lives, teaching us, giving us tasks to cope with and challenges to make us stronger..The paths of time are the clocks that have a lot of things in store for us every second of the day..Our approach towards them decides the paths we define for ourselves

Purpose of Life

The purpose of life at the end of the day is not just to live a life well lived but to also live a life in which you are able to fill the lives of others as well. Happiness has long been the agenda of everyone alike. In a brief lifespan we have these days as I refer to it considering the fact the we ideally live just 50 percent of the life today then an individual did 20 years ago. The time we have in hand is very limited, and it is in this limited time that we have to do a lot. Ambitions, Goals, Aspirations is what we all live for, but it all boils down just to one point. The amount we can amass, the amount we can gain, the amount we can hoard and the amount we can gather all but for ourselves. The belief of sharing and trying to help others at the same time is something we don’t think about anymore, we don’t practice the same and nor do we even give it a second thought. We can consider ourselves nothing short of being self centered, selfish and us really don’t mind attaining our goals at the cost of someone else. At the end of the day all that matters to us is that we need to reach where we want to go, which again is human behavior, at the same time we crush several underfoot in our pursuit to so, and this can be termed to be the harsh reality of Life.


There is little or no precious time for us in this mechanical world. Our ambitions have become the pillars of success for us. We are blind and we prefer to remain that way. We are happy with the darkness that enfolds us and we are least concerned about it, as long as we get where we want to in Life. Our journeys are never uneventful, and would never be rid of hurdles that could either be existing or could arise as time goes by, and in this journey called life, there would never be any shortage of the same, but in this race sticking by the rules of life is what would give us the ultimate reward at the very end.


Reflections of light could sometimes deceive you like life does,Not everything is as beautiful as it appears and not everything is also as ugly as it all appears..We would always make the same mistakes ignoring those who look for us.Look for those who ignore us..Love those who hate us and hate those who love us…Makes me wonder whether its the blind who lack sight or we who can see.,