What I wouldn’t change

The way the sun beat down upon earth,no matter how intense it be.The way the rain drenched the soil , no matter how heavy it be.The way the snow covered the paths that led home, no matter how thick the blanket is…the same way I wouldnt change a thing about you, especially if you meant the world to me. I ideally would overlook every flaw of yours…



A little emotion of expression is what turns the world around, a spell cast to part the oceans and divert the waters of a waterfall in a reverse direction. A small action to add a spark to a life. A gesture that could make a day. A value that sets a path of inculcation. A smile that can drive away the thoughts of a negative day and a touch that would give one the much needed warmth which says, I am here for you.

When all seems dark and clouds of rain are all that remain, when the light of time would never touch the heart, when all that’s left is an empty day , you should count on friendship to come your way.

When winter visited

Blowing past the summers faded away like the hours of a day, leaving just a trail of sunlight, like a faint glow visible through a woven victorian basket…Then the morning brought the chill, which no warmth could contain,and I knew that Winter had come, bringing along,the past, all that we cant escape from, and times that may last for a long time..Its only hope that would give you the ounce of faith to pull through…

Simple Requirements

The essentials of life would vary from individual to individual and would probably not be the same for everyone one of us. The aspirations and Goals that we have ,would be always be the end result of our achievements. The requirements that we build up on this platform are generally what we create. They either could be adopted or could also be examples deprived from an alternate source, however the fact overlooked is that it is the simple basic requirements of life would still make progress in ones life. The man who earns 10$ a day and another who earns a million $ per day would still attribute existence to those three basic meals and a bed to sleep on, it hardly would matter.

The Light in the Distant

The Light in the Distant

Across and beyond , Far and away, to distant for the eyes to see and the to remote for the heart to feel, there still exist those emotions that would make the heart reel and the mind go weak. Where the legs would shiver at the feeling and the hands would quiver at the very thought of those emotions……………………..Observe the light in the distance and wonder….

No where to Go

No where to Go

Long undefined paths are what lie ahead of you like an endless tunnel with no end in sight. Where the door opens up into a world of uncertainty and has no light reflecting on you to show you the way out of a situation or a promise you could live for…..

We could just look into the sky and arrange the clouds in mind so that they create the image that you looked forward to and slowly change into the canvas with just the right colors……….

There is always a door that opens up to that dream in mind, it always has been there…….it’s there even today