A million years of creation


I took this picture, early morning from across the Tungabhadra river. The air was cold and I could still hear the crickets and the frogs from along the water edge.

The water was cold all around, and I couldn’t help but wonder what a million years of creation would have been like !

Shadows of the famed civilization of the Vijaynagara Empire that once stood on the banks of this famous river could still be seen in the fading morning light, and I wish it would come back all over again….

Your worth

I would like to reflect on a few things that would probably make me understand more about my self and even more about the world around me. The world was made a beautiful place, but civilization destroyed it and made it what it is today. As I type these few lines , hundreds are losing their innocent lives to atrocities of arson, robbery,theft,rape. Every incident is associated with jealousy, gain,greed etc. It’s funny for the sheer fact that all our gains on earth would remain very much here on earth. We go empty handed, in very much the same way as when we got here.

We amass all that we can, and as fast as we can , in the hope that we come out as the winner,  but we just need to pause for a moment , because we aren’t winning any marathon in life, we are just burning our existence away in the vain hope that we are achieving for tomorrow, when actually we are not….Alone 1


The Changes

Feelings of low self esteem are based in beliefs we have in a mental image of who we are. In order to eliminate the insecurity and low self esteem we don’t have to change, we just have to change our belief in the false self image. While some people assume this may be hard, it is only challenging because most people have not learned the skills necessary to change a belief.


Once you practice the skills you find that changing a belief takes very little effort. You just stop believing the story in your mind. It takes more effort to believe something than it does to not believe it.

Yonder,Who we are

Across and Beyond those glades lie untold stories and reality that lies buried within the inner self, very hard to understand at times , elusive and mysterious , yet heart warming to the soul and mind. They speak for themselves and would often catch you unawares and would generate in you the captivation, that can make you ponder.

It isn’t always what we are, but rather what is in us that can spur the way we look at ourselves. The notion of this understanding lies in the very fact that, we don’t always realize who we are most of the time, rather find fault with ourselves….We have all been created as special individuals, with the unique talent of being amazing……

Deep within you

Deep within you

Hidden and concealed, it powers your senses and drives you towards attaining all that you want. It burns within you like a fire that is constantly fueled by a never ending supply of fuel, yet is is not what is the positive side of you.

We hardly overcome the harsh reality of existence, all we do is try and find alternatives to the situations that we are up against, and most of the time the solutions that we find are not the best ethical ones that lead to a win win situation.

Frustration builds up within the self and turns into a volcano waiting to explode.Situations make us unaware of the consequences to the extent where we close our eyes to all that could turn into the repercussion. The intentions that remain are only to feel satisfied with the handiwork that we ultimately become proud of, failing to realize the personal values of ours that we reduce in our pursuit of Glory.

No one could change the way you think, hear, speak and act, but there would always be a million individuals to point out the flaws, so what lies deep within you will always be the trump card that you have over your own life……



Trust in the Lord and do good; so you will live in the land, and enjoy security. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him. (Psalm 37:3-5, 7a)