Amazing Abilities

Hidden but not visible. True but still not the best.Intricate but not really complicated is what man is. Like the four sides of a cube which are the four phases of life , we still are amazing in the way that we are and as we are. Identifying our strengths and the weaknesses that we possess are what we fail to recognize in ourselves and our amazing abilities always remain as the hidden talents that would probably always remain submerged.

Amazing abilities

Born within us , they are supposed to power us for an entire lifetime…They live within us and breed day after day,minute after minute, propelling us like fuel for an engine..We call them abilities, I call them amazing abilities, due to the fact , that it is these abilities that take us where we want to go…Using these qualities is a trait we all posess, but hardly do we evaluate ourselves, We somehow all believe that in order to do special things, we need to be special people, which is not the truth…