Imagination recreated


Looking through the window, I see beyond the hills and valleys, a lovely orange sun setting beyond the skies and a shadow of darkness descending . The clouds have painted a hue of colors that appear to be dancing in the backdrop and  faint stars are slowly making their elusive appearance.

I slip into a dream world with such magic around me seeping into my system , gradually making me a part of this beauty and enchantment, I ponder wondering whether this is a dream or a real world experience,  but it matters little when I consider the joy it brings into my heart.

Life is a beautiful experience once we adopt things around us looking in the happenings of our lives with the attitude of a positive human being who is lost but yet is happy… The greatest secret of everlasting happiness is recreating our imagination….


The Bigger Picture

At different points in our life we may find ourselves in difficult places. Sometimes we don’t understand why we are facing such Dark Situations Much of the time, it’s not about us at all, it’s about the bigger picture. We can gain much understanding by changing our perspective.

Melodies of the heart

Sung from the depth of your soul, you hear a cry sometimes from your past, a cry that would fill your world with pain and hurt that would make you shiver with the very thought of the melody. The music you hate to play a chord for, because you close chapters of life, like those of a book…We always go through the chapters of the books we like and avoid those we dont….A melody we still love that reminds us of all those beautiful yesterdays,


Reflections of light could sometimes deceive you like life does,Not everything is as beautiful as it appears and not everything is also as ugly as it all appears..We would always make the same mistakes ignoring those who look for us.Look for those who ignore us..Love those who hate us and hate those who love us…Makes me wonder whether its the blind who lack sight or we who can see.,