A day of Peace


I wonder how beautiful this walk would be with oneself on a beautiful day as this through green grass and withe flowering trees all around..


The Bigger Picture

At different points in our life we may find ourselves in difficult places. Sometimes we don’t understand why we are facing such Dark Situations Much of the time, it’s not about us at all, it’s about the bigger picture. We can gain much understanding by changing our perspective.

The Light in the Distant

The Light in the Distant

Across and beyond , Far and away, to distant for the eyes to see and the to remote for the heart to feel, there still exist those emotions that would make the heart reel and the mind go weak. Where the legs would shiver at the feeling and the hands would quiver at the very thought of those emotions……………………..Observe the light in the distance and wonder….

Beyond The Window

Out there beyond the window, you look out and stare towards the last vanishing rays of sunlight, you see your past and your present. You wonder how differently you would have done things, if only you were given another opportunity to change the past and the way things were..You close the window to shut yourself out of the reality…You never give a second thought for the present. You never try to change the present, the present that would impact your future…you just live in the past and beyond the window…

Gifts from Heaven

Gifts from Heaven

If given a boon, I cant even imagine what not we as humans would ask god for, a house, a car, a Million $…..the list would go on and on and on…..but the gifts you ask for would be short lived………………Ask for me and I can fill the rest of your years with happiness beyond measure,life beyond thought and memories that would last forever…….

Your Gift from Heaven……Baby!