The Childhood


Those days shall last forever, those cries would ring in the ears and would have been a hindrance at one time, but not anymore. Those minutes can be remembered like every tick of the clock that sounded down the hallway.

To rewind this phase of our journey will take us through the most beautiful parts of our lifetime, something that we would always remember for the rest of our days…

Lifes Airport

At your lifes airport, you would come across many who would fly into your life and fly away to unknown destinations, leaving you with some bitter and some sweet memories. There are yet some who would stay around you and yet make little difference to your life, but there are a few who would always be around you all the time, like guardian angels, they are hardly visible, because they always believe that the care they have, would always be strong enough to shelter you in all times..

Gifts from Heaven

Gifts from Heaven

If given a boon, I cant even imagine what not we as humans would ask god for, a house, a car, a Million $…..the list would go on and on and on…..but the gifts you ask for would be short lived………………Ask for me and I can fill the rest of your years with happiness beyond measure,life beyond thought and memories that would last forever…….

Your Gift from Heaven……Baby!

A million memories

Looking back at the past, so many things flash past you, so many are very beautiful, memories that would never cease from the mind and there would also be so many that would crowd your mind so deeply that you cant stop the tears… But memories will always be a part of your life, good or bad , and its because they are a part of life, they make you go on and on and on….