Imagination recreated


Looking through the window, I see beyond the hills and valleys, a lovely orange sun setting beyond the skies and a shadow of darkness descending . The clouds have painted a hue of colors that appear to be dancing in the backdrop and  faint stars are slowly making their elusive appearance.

I slip into a dream world with such magic around me seeping into my system , gradually making me a part of this beauty and enchantment, I ponder wondering whether this is a dream or a real world experience,  but it matters little when I consider the joy it brings into my heart.

Life is a beautiful experience once we adopt things around us looking in the happenings of our lives with the attitude of a positive human being who is lost but yet is happy… The greatest secret of everlasting happiness is recreating our imagination….


The Truth of what we are.,

It would never cross the heart and mind that at sometime or somewhere, we would leave behind some of the most meaningful things in life. For some it maybe faith, for some it could be trust.There could also be hope, maybe aspirations and also love.We as individuals turn a blind eyes to the little emotions that power our lives when greater gifts befall us..We could yet be better humans if we tried..

To many roads

To many roads

To many roads to cross and to many sad songs to sing that could recreate the paths for ultimate destinations to be created with the one simple decision of a heart. Its not to many footsteps away where you can discover all that you wanted in life, it maybe very well just around the bend, down the road………You just need to search for it……..

Yonder,Who we are

Across and Beyond those glades lie untold stories and reality that lies buried within the inner self, very hard to understand at times , elusive and mysterious , yet heart warming to the soul and mind. They speak for themselves and would often catch you unawares and would generate in you the captivation, that can make you ponder.

It isn’t always what we are, but rather what is in us that can spur the way we look at ourselves. The notion of this understanding lies in the very fact that, we don’t always realize who we are most of the time, rather find fault with ourselves….We have all been created as special individuals, with the unique talent of being amazing……

Heart Felt

Heart Felt

Through the distant moment that are felt, touched and heard of the , the greatest feeling generated within the cores of the heart are those that are felt,ascertained and cherished. Arising from the dept of the most intricate organ of creation, it’s more then just the sheer blood that it pumps away throughout the day and night, like a faithful warrior watching over the sleeping master.



My heart is aching
I cannot deny.
I’ll never be able
to tell you good-bye.

I know it’s so silly.
Why do I feel so sad?
Why does the thought of you leaving
make me feel so bad?

I will miss your arms
that hold me so tight.
I will miss your kisses,
miss holding you at night.

I will miss your laugh
and the way that you smile.
Even though you are leaving
for a very short while.

You’ve become a part of my life
like the sun and the moon.
I depend on you honey.
Please come back to me soon!

Take with you my heart.
Take our memories too
of the times that we’ve shared
and know I love you.