Amazing Abilities

Hidden but not visible. True but still not the best.Intricate but not really complicated is what man is. Like the four sides of a cube which are the four phases of life , we still are amazing in the way that we are and as we are. Identifying our strengths and the weaknesses that we possess are what we fail to recognize in ourselves and our amazing abilities always remain as the hidden talents that would probably always remain submerged.

Deep within you

Deep within you

Hidden and concealed, it powers your senses and drives you towards attaining all that you want. It burns within you like a fire that is constantly fueled by a never ending supply of fuel, yet is is not what is the positive side of you.

We hardly overcome the harsh reality of existence, all we do is try and find alternatives to the situations that we are up against, and most of the time the solutions that we find are not the best ethical ones that lead to a win win situation.

Frustration builds up within the self and turns into a volcano waiting to explode.Situations make us unaware of the consequences to the extent where we close our eyes to all that could turn into the repercussion. The intentions that remain are only to feel satisfied with the handiwork that we ultimately become proud of, failing to realize the personal values of ours that we reduce in our pursuit of Glory.

No one could change the way you think, hear, speak and act, but there would always be a million individuals to point out the flaws, so what lies deep within you will always be the trump card that you have over your own life……

The Power Within

Unexplored, unknown,under estimated the power within acts on its own, reacting, responding and becoming whats responsible for all that happens to you, around you and ultimately within you.The difficulty we face is that we fail to understand our inner self, as a result of which, half the actions of ours could never be pre planned or evaluated…Spend some time with yourself to understand yourself better…