Patience of the Past


When I look at this carving, it just reminds me of the patience man may have had to painstakingly carved this beautiful sculpture. What could it have taken ! Weeks, Maybe months, maybe even years. All done hundreds of years ago without any modern tools or machinery. An artwork of mankind that would probably last a few hundred of years more.

I took this picture with one intention in mind. To remind myself of the determination of a civilization that survived for hundreds of years..




Sometimes we walk away from certain things, just because we cant cope with them any longer,sometimes we close ourselves out from the world just because, the world never gave us enough…but sumtimes when give up in some circumstances, we fail to look at all angles of the situations that we end up in..There have always been options, its just that we never sit down with our problems..

The scattered petals of faith

Through the landscapes of time and the hopes gained over and over again through the centuries, man has learnt that. It take more then efforts, pain and ability to gather the petals of faith and own them..because they hardly are gained…The petals of faith grow from flowers that are fed with the inspiration of a true human being. That sustain on the inner energy that are deprived from the heart and which power the true being in us…

From The Mountains of Zion

From The Mountains of Zion

From the Mountains of Zion, I see Hope in a new world. I see the glory of a new dawn that would wash away the sins of the world and let a new beginning take over the reins of the earth and allow fresh green pastures dominate the slopes of existence.

I look far beyond the horizon and see crowds of people up at the break of dawn and toiling in fields with songs on their lips and smiles engulfing their faces. I see the hope that has built up in them and the faith that powers them on day after day.

I see light till late into the night and the songs of birds fill the atmosphere with an orchestra of life that has no comparison to the most beautiful of creations.

As evening Falls, I look from Zion and wonder how far is this dream of mine from reality. How many hands could contribute to this spectacle is what I have no answers to, but with every ray of light fading, I hope there would be a million to hope the way I do…….

Goodbyes and Hellos

Many a time we all experience the same behaviour.We rejoice to meet a new individual, smile, laugh,talk and we are filled always with joy, and look forward to meetings that always fill a part of our life, with essential food to live,I also call that hope..A goodbye however can make a lot happen to everything, it can change the way you look at life, and the way you keep hope alive within yourself.

I Hope

I Hope

I hope you live to see me smile at you,
I hope you see the blue sky too,
I hope you see a lot of things,
I hope you see what does joy brings

I hope you ride the wind,
To hear my heart call out,
I hope you listen to my voice,
To see what’s the world about

I hope you never know depression,
I hope you know the right choice,
To lead your heart to a right direction,
And to find love ones rejoice

I hope you find your wings and flight,
To forever stand upright,
I hope you find a happy heart,
So that you know when to restart.