A little Bit of Life

A little Bit of Life

Adding a little bit of the beautiful things around you to every minute of your day, would give you the one joy of Life…………………I call it Hope…


Goodbyes and Hellos

Many a time we all experience the same behaviour.We rejoice to meet a new individual, smile, laugh,talk and we are filled always with joy, and look forward to meetings that always fill a part of our life, with essential food to live,I also call that hope..A goodbye however can make a lot happen to everything, it can change the way you look at life, and the way you keep hope alive within yourself.

I Hope

I Hope

I hope you live to see me smile at you,
I hope you see the blue sky too,
I hope you see a lot of things,
I hope you see what does joy brings

I hope you ride the wind,
To hear my heart call out,
I hope you listen to my voice,
To see what’s the world about

I hope you never know depression,
I hope you know the right choice,
To lead your heart to a right direction,
And to find love ones rejoice

I hope you find your wings and flight,
To forever stand upright,
I hope you find a happy heart,
So that you know when to restart.

The worth

Little deeds of joy that could fill the emptiness within the life of another, is ideally a task none of us undertake, either for the primary reason that we just dont care, for the secondary reason, that we are just to ignorant or for other reasons that we just arent able to define ourselves.lighting up the life of another is the last thing on our list. As humans we just dont care…What difference could you really make if you did.