Little moments

Living within you like an ever lasting energy, they power you to live life with the greatest of hope and desires for every tomorrow…forged within the heart over years and cherished for every minute that they are worth, they are those little moments of life that touched you in a special way…


Five Things To Do Today

1. Grow: We are living beings, so we need to grow, grow and grow; see an opportunity in everything that we do.

 2. Dream: In the words of my favorite teacher who always reminded me, he said to grow. Dreams will always, be the seedlings of reality ,so dream. So what are you dreaming of today?

 3. Little things: Do the little things to the best of your ability, whether it’s putting on a pair of socks or closing a door. There are no little things, if you get into a habit of working to the top of your potential; you would be able to attain a wide variety of day to day achievements.

 4. Breathe: Stressed???? Take a deep breath in, breathe in and breathe out, now isn’t that nice?, Ever watch a baby breathe? , breathe in, and out. Now that’s a nice breath. Stress over time has moved up our chest. Inhale and Exhale. Don’t you feel good about it? This is called breathing into your diaphragm.

5. Smile: Isn’t that nice, amazing what a smile can do. Once there was this study with a depressed group. The group was split in two. One group was to look at each other and smile all day long, while the other group did nothing. Over a period of time the group that smiled showed a significant amount of progress….Now Look at me and Smile, Isn’t that great.