The New Life wish

Iceberg arch and sailboat off the coast of Greenland
I imagine a world recreated without the flaws that we have compromised for and have adjusted to , living within the hostile environment as thou, it’s the best life we bargained for.

I would happily trod back a thousand years to the times of the wise men, when we lived without anything much, but were amazingly happy. Where we toiled from dawn to dusk in the fields but took pride in relishing a simple meal placed before us.

When we spent precious moments with our loved ones and shared relationships that we treasured for a lifetime.

When we sat and had long talks about our childhood and cherished the memories as thou we still were children…

For these are the times that we live in ,far from what we want and wishing for the new life…


From The Mountains of Zion

From The Mountains of Zion

From the Mountains of Zion, I see Hope in a new world. I see the glory of a new dawn that would wash away the sins of the world and let a new beginning take over the reins of the earth and allow fresh green pastures dominate the slopes of existence.

I look far beyond the horizon and see crowds of people up at the break of dawn and toiling in fields with songs on their lips and smiles engulfing their faces. I see the hope that has built up in them and the faith that powers them on day after day.

I see light till late into the night and the songs of birds fill the atmosphere with an orchestra of life that has no comparison to the most beautiful of creations.

As evening Falls, I look from Zion and wonder how far is this dream of mine from reality. How many hands could contribute to this spectacle is what I have no answers to, but with every ray of light fading, I hope there would be a million to hope the way I do…….