Shadows of the night

Creeping out of the shadows, the mystery of night unfolds itself like a lily , that depends on the moonlight to express its beauty to mankind.The hooting of the own, fills the lonely night and the moon peeping from behind the dark clouds, illuminating patches of dew wet grass….These happenings make one get lost.. in thought, the mind would wander, the heart would skip beats and we step into a world of fanstasy and just wish, it always remained this way…


Heart Felt

Heart Felt

Through the distant moment that are felt, touched and heard of the , the greatest feeling generated within the cores of the heart are those that are felt,ascertained and cherished. Arising from the dept of the most intricate organ of creation, it’s more then just the sheer blood that it pumps away throughout the day and night, like a faithful warrior watching over the sleeping master.



My heart is aching
I cannot deny.
I’ll never be able
to tell you good-bye.

I know it’s so silly.
Why do I feel so sad?
Why does the thought of you leaving
make me feel so bad?

I will miss your arms
that hold me so tight.
I will miss your kisses,
miss holding you at night.

I will miss your laugh
and the way that you smile.
Even though you are leaving
for a very short while.

You’ve become a part of my life
like the sun and the moon.
I depend on you honey.
Please come back to me soon!

Take with you my heart.
Take our memories too
of the times that we’ve shared
and know I love you.

The Prince of the mountain Kingdom

Along with the icy cold winter air, brought the north wind with an unimaginable force sweeping everything that lay in its path, through the shadows emerged a rider in black draped armour,on a stallion of coal black, gliding through the night wind like a ripple on the sea coast..In seconds he vanished into the fog,leaving behind but those faint sounds of hoofs fading away into the night…..Dream and you could turn anything into reality.,