Patience of the Past


When I look at this carving, it just reminds me of the patience man may have had to painstakingly carved this beautiful sculpture. What could it have taken ! Weeks, Maybe months, maybe even years. All done hundreds of years ago without any modern tools or machinery. An artwork of mankind that would probably last a few hundred of years more.

I took this picture with one intention in mind. To remind myself of the determination of a civilization that survived for hundreds of years..



amazing abilities

When we look around we see so much. We envy so much, yet we do not realize that we can also achieve the heights of success with a few basic efforts, something that we do possess but steps that we do not take in life. Reaching out into the unknown to create magic was never a difficult task , it was always there for you and me , it just depends on whether we use those abilities of ours everyday of our life…nature_bond-1920x1080

The Hypocrite in you

Hardly visible, unknown and silent, it exists in each one of us thriving like a virus, waiting to attack, the only difference is that we are the victim, and the only one are we… Our actions would take over the heart, mind and soul, making us realize a little and hardly making us rethink of situations that can be undone , if only we wished..We overlook relations, love and barriers, all we see is our gain…

Just a step at a time

Standing at the tip of a cliff,balancing yourself with the experience of an expert at the edge of life and death is a defenition of the adaptability attained over the span of time which comprised of the negatives and positives that life has offered over a generation.Much of these steps taken were one at a time. The learnings have brought you to the edge of this cliff today.There maybe danger, but not for you…

Death and You

The greatest mystery of life,I would never understand.Its so hard to come to terms with the fact that the person you just met yesterday is no more.It appears sometimes easy to take note of the fact that we are able to get over the loss of a loved one, but times would always come back to us. I would never forget that old rocking chair of my uncle beneath the orange tree that would always rock when the skies turned grey and the wind blew, it all was like the old times, except for the fact that he wasnt there.

I always left that chair of his at the very same place where he used to sit for as long as i could remember, and that memory of his remains everlasting all through me.

I slip into the world yonder to still imagine the times when we sipped tea together and be filled with stories of the war he fought and the days of his youth.Certain things never go away, they never do.

I deeply regret the time when we stopped speaking for a silly reason, and later came to know that he had passed on.I know what it is to feel sorrow, because I feel it to this day,and to this very moment.

I learnt that life is to short to regret.So love those who are there in your life today, with all your heart, never let them go, because they may be all that you may ever have.Always forgive those who hurt you, because you are here today because someone else did.

Be the first to say sorry, it may never bring a smile to your face, but it would always bring a smile to anothers heart. Above all,remember you need to leave your footprints behind.because this cycle you create, would need to go on….

The Prince of the mountain Kingdom

Along with the icy cold winter air, brought the north wind with an unimaginable force sweeping everything that lay in its path, through the shadows emerged a rider in black draped armour,on a stallion of coal black, gliding through the night wind like a ripple on the sea coast..In seconds he vanished into the fog,leaving behind but those faint sounds of hoofs fading away into the night…..Dream and you could turn anything into reality.,

The Greatest Impact

The greatest impact is when you want someone and no one is around to be with you. When you are walking a lonely road and find yourself all alone. When you call out and no one returns your call. But today is here, thats why its called a gift. Let not what the world does impact you. Make your impact on the world instead.