Magic is Born


The magic we experience is the magic we create. A magic show would never make an impact in your life the way your own spell does….There’s so much around us that we never utilize, Skies that go on for miles and hide behind the sun, Rain showers that sing tunes of life as they fall to earth, Little ripples of water that draw patterns across the lakes surface.

Are those the things in life that we enjoy, We should and we can if we want to, because they are the spells of Life, The magic that we can create for ourselves, if only we opened up our hearts to them……

I wouldnt want more then this

Would just love a smile back, when I smile at you.Would just love a warm hug in return when I give you one.Would just love you to understand me when I pour my heart out to you. Would love to be consoled if tears are shed. Would love to be asked whats the matter, when my skies turn grey, but more then anything, I would just love, if you are there by my side…

Hermann Steinherr

My belief is that life is a playground way above the skies, where participants take place in a variety of games, there are some who would win, and there many who would lose, and yet there are still those who would lose balance and fall into space without being a part of any game whatsoever…This is how life is..Take risks, if you win, you would learn a lot, if you lose, you would still be wise, but take part.,