Are we lost in the world that we live and are we still searching for our ultimate destination somewhere out there or have we found our desires and retired from the world, if yes then when do we keep trying for power that we are never able to hold onto, hoard wealth we are never able to use in a lifetime and  create relationships we are never able to respect or regard…

We are all lost whether we agree or disagree to the fact and we should identify where we stand today…

Patience of the Past


When I look at this carving, it just reminds me of the patience man may have had to painstakingly carved this beautiful sculpture. What could it have taken ! Weeks, Maybe months, maybe even years. All done hundreds of years ago without any modern tools or machinery. An artwork of mankind that would probably last a few hundred of years more.

I took this picture with one intention in mind. To remind myself of the determination of a civilization that survived for hundreds of years..


You Win when you Dream

You Win when you Dream

With everything coming at a cost, the bare necessity of accomplishing those battles is to dream that it all can be done in the long run……….The victory went to those who not only told themselves repeatedly that they can do it, but to those who had this dream that they could do it. It’s the vision that you create that propels you to attain

Melodies of the heart

Sung from the depth of your soul, you hear a cry sometimes from your past, a cry that would fill your world with pain and hurt that would make you shiver with the very thought of the melody. The music you hate to play a chord for, because you close chapters of life, like those of a book…We always go through the chapters of the books we like and avoid those we dont….A melody we still love that reminds us of all those beautiful yesterdays,



My heart is aching
I cannot deny.
I’ll never be able
to tell you good-bye.

I know it’s so silly.
Why do I feel so sad?
Why does the thought of you leaving
make me feel so bad?

I will miss your arms
that hold me so tight.
I will miss your kisses,
miss holding you at night.

I will miss your laugh
and the way that you smile.
Even though you are leaving
for a very short while.

You’ve become a part of my life
like the sun and the moon.
I depend on you honey.
Please come back to me soon!

Take with you my heart.
Take our memories too
of the times that we’ve shared
and know I love you.