The Road to your Goal

The road to your goal, would always be unpredictable, rough, uncertain and unknown,completing the journey would just depend on how you adapt to situations and circumstances, how you deal with challenges and unseen hurdles, how you use your patience when it is required for you to wait and how you confront problems with solutions that give you results. Its your goal after all. So use your wisdom to attain, achieve and acquire.,

The dawn

As you spend time in this game called life, it would dawn on you, that everything is not what it is. You would discover that every road would never take you to your destination, that ,when dark clouds fill the sky and drench you,there was no way you even expected it, that the twist in every novel you read wouldnt be a part of your plan, and nor would every person who you meet in life, be a memory in your tomorrow…So live every day as thou it was your last,smile,laugh,forgive others. Give time to others and dont let them ask for it, above all dream, because dreams are what would take you where you want to go.