In the End

In the End

In the End, Only three things matter : How much you loved,how gently you loved,and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you……..

Yonder,Who we are

Across and Beyond those glades lie untold stories and reality that lies buried within the inner self, very hard to understand at times , elusive and mysterious , yet heart warming to the soul and mind. They speak for themselves and would often catch you unawares and would generate in you the captivation, that can make you ponder.

It isn’t always what we are, but rather what is in us that can spur the way we look at ourselves. The notion of this understanding lies in the very fact that, we don’t always realize who we are most of the time, rather find fault with ourselves….We have all been created as special individuals, with the unique talent of being amazing……

Heart Felt

Heart Felt

Through the distant moment that are felt, touched and heard of the , the greatest feeling generated within the cores of the heart are those that are felt,ascertained and cherished. Arising from the dept of the most intricate organ of creation, it’s more then just the sheer blood that it pumps away throughout the day and night, like a faithful warrior watching over the sleeping master.

The mind in all its Splendor

The mind in all its Splendor

Amazing yet true, unbelievable yet a fact. Hues of color spread forth with just the most minute of effort to release a million megaton worth of knowledge that could redesign the landscape of creation and recreate the way man looked at it. The splendor of existence is like a bent oak tree , bent but with glory still visible to the naked eye,hard to view from all angles, but still a natural sculpture that can be admired if you pay attention to it.

The mind is the temple of splendor, way beyond your imagination and out of reach from most. Possible and enchanting to the eye of he who sees beyond the mist………….

Being who you are

The ultimate achievement you make in life in the end would not be to remain in the mind of people as a great individual, but as someone who was different. You maybe weighed not by what you do, but by the chords you strike at heart…A simple gesture maybe all it takes to add light to a dark day.,Being what you are and being ignorant of who thinks what of you would take you where you want to go.