Through every moment we walk through times which are unpredictable,uncertain and unknown. In all these circumstances we face unprepared situations which we cannot face,cannot combat and cant handle, we may possess everything required which makes us feel that we would accomplish anything whatsoever,however we ultimately fail, because we give up in the end, we give up because the un-ending trials break us within.We give up because we LOSE HOPE…Make the top of your priority list. “Hope” Build a Valley of Hope around yourself and live within the walls..

Lifes Airport

At your lifes airport, you would come across many who would fly into your life and fly away to unknown destinations, leaving you with some bitter and some sweet memories. There are yet some who would stay around you and yet make little difference to your life, but there are a few who would always be around you all the time, like guardian angels, they are hardly visible, because they always believe that the care they have, would always be strong enough to shelter you in all times..